Thursday, 18 April 2013

Embroidered Flowers

  Hi all!
 Today I thought I'd share with you the creations I made at the freehand machine embroidery workshop I attended last week.
 I'm not a very confident user of a sewing machine but have always fancied having a go at this technique & when my sister gave me the workshop as a Christmas gift I was thrilled.
The workshop was at a fabric shop in Trowbridge called Fabric Magic, I'd never been there before but it's a lovely shop full of loads of gorgeous fabrics & haberdashery & they also run quite a few workshops.
There were 4 of us attending the workshop & we all had a friendly chat over a welcoming cup of coffee & then we got started on our sewing with the help of Sally who was teaching the class.
Once the machines were set up with the appropriate needles & threaded ready to go, we started with stitching a freehand flower shape & the filling it in with the thread by machining up & down each petal repeatedly.
 This took quite a bit of getting used to but we were all really pleased with what we came up with.

                                         I made these 4 flowers of various sizes & colours.

Once we'd all got the hang of this technique, we moved on to embroidering onto dissolvable fabric in a similar way. After embroidering a flower or butterfly design we then cut away the image & immersed it in water to dissolve away the backing so that we were left with just the flower/design.

I had a really enjoyable day, & the time absolutely flew by. I had a mooch around the shops after the workshop & then headed back home stopping off in Bath on my way for a spot more shopping & to pick out some beads for some of the jewellery making workshop ideas I have in mind for our shop.
I have now been inspired to get my Mum's old early 1980's sewing machine serviced & up & running so I can play around a bit more with these techniques & some other sewing ideas I have.
So watch this space!
Off to get organised for an afternoon working in the shop & for our card making workshop tonight. We're using Indigo Blu stamps & mega flakes so I'm really looking forward to it!
See you soon, thanks for stopping by
Amy x


  1. Hi Amy, it is hard to believe that you are new to the freehand embroidery, your results are beautiful and the dissolving back one is absolutely stunning. Well done! It makes me want to get my machine out again..... Hugs, Anne x

  2. Well I was lucky enough to see the actual flowers..stunning, as Anne said it is hard to believe it was your first time..stunning! Carole Z X