Friday, 7 February 2014

Second Zentangle inspired workshop

Hi bloggers, well this week just seems to have absolutely flown by.
 We've been to the Spring Fair at the NEC ordering lots of lovely new gifty things for the shop which is completely exhausting as it involves miles of walking with so much to look at & allow your brain to process with lots of decision making involved. I feel like I need a holiday! But, having said that I do enjoy catching up with reps & meeting the owners of the companies we deal with. Its also a great way to see what new trends will be emerging.

Anyway, as promised here are the pictures I took of some of the cards created by my group at our last workshop using Dreamweaver stencils & Zentangle.
Our second set of crafters really enjoyed this workshop & several have been back into the shop to buy more stencils, pens & other bits & pieces to create more cards at home.

This card was made using a black peel off sticker which was cut around & mat & layered. A lacey die cut edge was added along with stripy ribbon & an introduction of red with the stencilled 'valentine' & hearts.
We always say all materials needed are provided but if anyone wants to bring anything along they are more than welcome. Well, the lady who made this card brought along a box full of fabulous dies, I was very jealous! They were all beautifully stored too, something I definitely need to work on.

I also had a few new ladies in my group who had never attended one of our workshops before & had not really done much card making.  I think they did a fine job & I'm pleased to say they have booked onto future workshops.

A couple of ladies decided to make Valentine's cards with a bit of red & white on black zentangle too. 

Well, that's going to be it on the Zentangle subject for a while! We are working on our project for this Thursdays workshop using MDF shapes rather than card making. 

Hope you all have a lovely crafty weekend, I think I need to catch up on some sleep!

Amy x 


  1. All the ladies did wonderful work again Amy. Anne xx

  2. fab work from all the group again! Carole x